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not just another appliance.

Work leaner, healthier, more sustainable and profitable.

air-o-steam touchline combi oven

Touchline Combi Oven


air-o-chill 10 grids

Blast Chillers & Freezers

Optimize the workflow in your kitchen by increasing the shelf life of food and reduce waste. Our innovative blast chillers and freezers are crafted to complete the integrated Cook and Chill process.

Do you know e-chef?
Your recipes can be transferred to any kitchen
with an air-o-steam Touchline oven

Think global, serve local e-chef

Think global, serve local

Satisfy your customers’ tastes according to their desires.

New category section e-chef

New category section

Group your recipes by type: cuisine, diets, ingredients, temperatures, meal menu, seasons.

A lot easier with e-chef

A lot easier with e-chef

You decide the cooking proposal, then touch and go.

Electrolux Professional chef academy
logo e-chef app

e-chef tested and trusted by the unique global Electrolux Chef Academy

e-chef is the result of intense dialogue with our worldwide network of chefs in order to advise on every client need.

Put the Touchline oven in your pocket
Try the new e-chef App

Take your cooking to the next level:
  • create your own recipe using the e-chef App
  • upload it to your oven and… cook for real!
VIP Touchline

Visit the VIP area. Try new recipes and chefs tips.

Food Safe Control with the air-o-steam Touchline oven

Electrolux air-o-chill Class 5

Accessories for Cook&Chill

trays cook and chill

Grids and trays

A wide range of cooking solutions to easily enlarge your menu using the air-o-steam Touchline: from Universal Pans, Frying Griddles, Skewer racks, Frying Baskets, Baguette trays and much more.

sous-vide probe and vacuum packaging accessories

Sous-vide process

The vacuum packaging accessories are indispensable to perform sous-vide cooking and are useful to store food protected from harmful effects of moisture and air.

volano smoker

The volcano smoker

The volcano smoker is the perfect accessory to make your smoking flavored recipes directly in the combi oven, using the traditional methods with wood chips or dried spices.

accessories chicken system

Chicken system

Minimize the cooking time and maximize the taste with air-o-steam Touchline. The combination of the dedicated cooking cycle for crispy and juicy roasted chickens and the dedicated accessories to improve handling and ergonomics, will make the perfect solution to easily improve your sales.

Discover all the accessories

Discover what Cook&Chill can do for your business

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